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Armenian Catholic Church

Seniority by Priestly Ordination

YearsNameCurrent Title
3 Jul 1960 Archbishop Kévork (Georges) Khazoumian, I.C.P.B.Coadjutor Archbishop Emeritus of Istanbul, Turkey
24 Dec 1965 Bishop Jean Teyrouz, I.C.P.B.Bishop Emeritus of Sainte-Croix-de-Paris, France
22 Dec 1966 Bishop Vartán Waldir Boghossian, S.D.B.Bishop Emeritus of San Gregorio de Narek en Buenos Aires, Argentina
21 May 1967 Archbishop Boghos Lévon ZékiyanArchbishop of Istanbul, Turkey
5 Apr 1969 Bishop Joseph Arnaouti, I.C.P.B.Patriarchal Exarch Emeritus of Damas, Syria
13 Apr 1969 Archbishop György-Miklós JakubínyiArchbishop Emeritus of Alba Iulia, Romania
11 Oct 1970 Bishop Sarkis Davidian, I.C.P.B.Bishop of Ispahan {Esfáan}, Iran
4 Jul 1971 Archbishop Boutros MarayatiArchbishop of Alep [Beroea, Halab], Syria
18 Mar 1972 Bishop Antranig AyvazianBishop of Kamichlié, Syria
24 Jun 1973 Patriarch Raphaël Bedros XXI Minassian, I.C.P.B.Patriarch of Cilicia, Lebanon
24 Mar 1974 Bishop Elie (Yéghia) Yéghiayan, I.C.P.B.Bishop of Sainte-Croix-de-Paris, France
24 Dec 1980 Bishop Kricor-Okosdinos (Augustin) CoussaBishop of Iskanderiya {Alexandria}, Egypt
14 Aug 1981 Bishop Pablo León HakimianBishop of San Gregorio de Narek en Buenos Aires, Argentina
21 Sep 1986 Father Hovsep Joseph Bezazian (Bezouzou)Apostolic Administrator of Greece
3 Oct 1986 Bishop Kévork Assadourian, I.C.P.B.Patriarchal Exarch of Damas, Syria
24 Oct 1987 Bishop Mikaël Antoine Mouradian, I.C.P.B.Eparch of Our Lady of Nareg in Glendale, California, USA
3 Jul 1993 Archbishop Gergely KovácsArchbishop of Alba Iulia, Romania
16 Jan 1997 Father Nareg (Narek Louis) Naamoyan (Namo)Patriarchal Exarch of Jerusalem and Amman {Gerusalemme e Amman}, Palestine
21 Dec 1997 Father Mikael Bassalé, I.C.P.B.Apostolic Administrator of Eastern Europe {Europa Orientale}
31 Oct 1999 Archbishop Nersčs (Joseph) Zabarian (Zabbara)Archbishop of Baghdad, Iraq
2 Sep 2000 Bishop Parsegh (Manuel) Baghdassarian, I.C.P.B.Auxiliary Bishop of Our Lady of Nareg in Glendale, California, USA
11 Dec 2010 Bishop Robert (Krikor) Badichah, I.C.P.B.Auxiliary Bishop of Beirut {Bairut}, Lebanon


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